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  Monkey Park
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Monkey Park is a breeding center for endangered animals located in the South of Tenerife.

It was opened in 1991 as a leisure park in the south of the island. We are specialized in Primates and natural conditions of our climate are perfect for them all year round. The project was and still is a private initiative.

You will not find in our facilities any show or use animals for anything other than simple exposure to the public, our appeal is to show the animal as it really is, their natural reactions and absolute freedom.

On your visit, you can learn where they came from, how they evolved, what is their diet, how long is their life cycle and much more. From an opening in 1991, it has evolved into a breeding center for threatened species and an educational space where learn to appreciate our neighbors.

Apart from all the good intentions that we have, the only reason to keep animals in captivity is study and breeding.

At the entrance you can buy food to feed animals, some parts of the park is an open area without cages and you can meet and feed small animals.
  • Located in Guaza, about 15min driving from Las Americas. To get there use a car, taxi or transfer service.
  • Also, you can get there on a bicycle (rent from 9 euro/day)
  1. Opening hours
    From 9:30 - 17:00 7 days a week
  2. No Public transport
    Get there by a car, bicycle, bike or taxi
  3. Online tickets
    Buy tickets online and enter park directly
  4. Animal feeding
    You can buy some food at the park entrance
Adult   10€
Kids 5-12y 5€
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