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Fishing in Tenerife

As compared with the very rich fishing grounds in the upwelling area, waters around the Canaries are relatively poorer, whereas the narrow continental shelf of the islands limits the abundance of demersal resources.
Nevertheless, fishing activities represent a fundamental part of the identity of the Canary Islands, and many Canarian municipalities are highly dependent on this sector.
The seafloor bathymetry around the islands is typically abrupt with a narrow shelf and a steep slope plunging to more then 1000 m depth, which produces near-shore conditions
similar to the open ocean.
The archipelago is located in the path of the cool water Canary Current which moderates the climate and shapes the oceanographic features of the area.
The presence of upwelling along the West African coast brings deep cold nutrient-rich waters to the surface and stimulates primary productivity.
The recent history of the Canarian fishing sector has been marked by a series of major events: the loss of the access to the rich Saharan fishing grounds when Spain retired from Western Sahara (1975)
The change of status of the Canary Islands which become an Autonomous Community with certain rights over fishing matters (1982)
Spain's accession to EU giving access to EU structural aids and fishing agreements and application of the Common Fisheries Policy in the Canary Islands
  Ocean Fishing
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Bottom fishing and trolling
All equipment included
Maximum 8 persons on board and a captain

Daily trips 4 hours.
Private charters 4 hours - 7 hours

Barracuda / Marlin / Blue Fin Tuna / Wahoo / Tuna / Amberjack
Swordfish / Bigeye Tuna / Yellowfin Tuna / Skipjack Tuna / Dorado
  1. Duration 4 hours
    9:00 - 13:00 and 13:00 - 17:00
  2. Port Las Americas
    Please arrive to Puerto Colon in Las Americas
  3. Experienced team
    We’ll explain about sea life and fish
  4. Equipment included
    Fishing rods, bite, sonar and the rest included
 Adult   60€
Kids & spectator 45€
  Fishing Boat for rent
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No boat license required!
No experience needed!
Fishing boat rent with 4 fishing rods, reels, fish finder, a packet of squids and 6 packets of hooks, feathers and 6 weights (100g.)
4.5m long Fiber boat (built 2017) with Yamaha 15hp engine and sunshade canopy.
The first start at 8 am
Maximum 4 people / Minimum 2 hours
100€ safety deposit. Will be returned after the trip.
  1. Minimum 2 hours
    Maximum 1 day
  2. Port Las Americas
    Please arrive to Puerto Colon in Las Americas
  3. Safety instructions
    We’ll provide instructions and give cell phone
  4. Equipment included
    Fishing rods, bite, sonar, life jackets, ice box
1 hour   65€